Editorial: New ways of living, learning

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — It becomes clearer every day that we must embrace new ideas, new policies, new realities for some of the most long-standing institutions in civil society.

Among the most important and immediately challenging are public safety and education. The way we’ve always done things doesn’t cut it with either anymore. But we have hard decisions to make.

With gun violence on the rise we must decide right now on who responds and how. Transformational change can and probably should be the goal. But the more immediate work is around ensuring public safety and social justice with the people and organizations currently available or easily and quickly mobilized.

Likewise we must collectively agree on new ways of schooling our children. We need educators, businesses and employers, child and family experts and more at the table.

Both the virus and the movement are here and their impacts are not going away. Forget business as usual. Life has changed. Let’s make it better.