Editorial: New Energy To Close The Achievement Gap

Editorial: New Energy To Close The Achievement Gap


If the last 17 years of United Way of Dane County’s Schools of Hope project have taught us anything it’s the importance of commitment, accountability and a willingness to change.

Closing the achievement gap is a moving target, success can be hard to measure and, very simply, it is hard work. But the flexibility of United Way leaders is a key asset and last week the Schools of Hope Leadership Team built on a recent successful joint meeting with the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors by hashing out new strategies to re-energize the project.

Four identified issue areas — attendance, parent engagement, time in district, and early childhood — will get new attention as next steps in the context of closer working relationships with both the school board and business, parents, city, county and state representatives.

This is the right time and these are the right steps. And there is new energy to close the gap.