Editorial: NAMI Walks

Fighting stigma with public action.
Editorial: NAMI Walks


Sometimes it’s the simplest actions that speak the loudest. This Sunday people from throughout Dane County will be making one, very clear statement about mental illness…and they’ll be doing it by taking a walk.

It’s the 7th Annual Dane County NAMIWalks event at Olin-Turville Park with check-in at 10:30 and a walk at Noon. It’s a fund raiser to support the work of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Dane County. NAMI is one of the most effective advocates for people with mental illness, seeking better treatment options, insurance parity and more. But given that perhaps the biggest challenge faced by people with mental illness is stigma, we’re quite attracted to the notion of a walk, a public statement by people of courage and conviction that says in actions as well as words that mental illness is just that, an illness, like diabetes or high blood pressure, and it can be treated and folks can live full and rich lives.

And Sunday’s walk says exactly that.