Editorial: NAMI Dane County celebrates 40 years

Editorial: NAMI Dane County celebrates 40 years

The organization National Alliance on Mental Illness is one of the most respected and effective voices advocating for people with mental illness.

Its work raising public awareness, needed resources and fighting for public policy and civil rights on behalf of people with mental illnesses has changed the public health landscape. Yet few people know that NAMI Dane County is the founding chapter of the national organization.

Forty years ago, Nancy Abraham and a few others with a core group of 12 families founded NAMI. Education and support programs followed and today there are thousands of affiliates across the nation.

This grassroots organization improves millions of lives and combats the stigma that stubbornly accompanies mental illness to this day. As NAMI Dane County celebrates its anniversary at Monona Terrace Thursday, we thank them for their work, and we are proud to say it all began right here.