Editorial: Moving Thrive Forward

Paul Jadin's the right guy for the job.
Editorial: Moving Thrive Forward




Next year is the year the greater Madison region’s economic development strategy becomes reality. It’s been coming into focus for more than eight years now and a lot of necessary work has been done but now it’s time bring the plan to fruition and establish this region as the competitive economic engine it must become.

Thrive, the organization, and Advance Now, the strategy, have had various types of leadership up to this point, but clearly it is time to step it up. Last week the Thrive board announced the selection of Paul Jadin to lead Thrive and it strikes us as the right choice. Jadin’s experience as Mayor of Green Bay, president of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce and CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation are just what Thrive needs. More important he knows the global marketplace in which Thrive must compete and he’s well liked and respected.

We’re more than eager to get going, because we have a long way to go. We think Paul Jadin’s the right guy to get us there.