Editorial: Moving closer to legal medical marijuana

Medical marijuana will be legal in Wisconsin someday.

Recreational pot probably will too. We’re not sure about the value of legalizing all pot use, but we are sure about medical marijuana; it’s needed, it works and it’s humane.

It’s clear that as long as State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is more concerned about his run for Congress than the welfare of the citizens of Wisconsin medical marijuana will not happen. But the introduction by two Republican lawmakers of a bill legalizing heavily regulated use of marijuana to alleviate suffering from illnesses makes even clearer that the reasonable and responsible legislation will be the law of the land in the future.

It’s a shame people in pain have to skirt the law to get relief because of political ambitions. And it’s a shame the 83 percent of Wisconsinites who support pot for medical purposes are ignored for those same political ambitions. But it’s coming, and as of this week it is one step closer.

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