Editorial: Momentum is building for redistricting reform


MADISON, Wis. — Public pressure and honest and courageous elected officials are what’s needed to reform the broken, unfair and unethical redistricting process in Wisconsin.

With 72-percent of Wisconsinites now supporting non-partisan redistricting public pressure is reaching levels that will soon be impossible to ignore. And with three more Republican members of the State Assembly adding their names to a bill to end partisan gerrymandering, and a renewed effort to schedule a public hearing on a similar bill in the State Senate, we’re finally seeing elected officials who believe in good government and fair elections step up.

A number of states have utilized the same combination of ingredients to achieve fair redistricting processes with Iowa being the most successful. The results have been more competitive elections and better government. Wisconsin citizens deserve the same. We’re encouraged. Momentum is building. But time is of the essence. The 2020 census is underway. We need more pressure and more brave lawmakers please.