Editorial: MMSD strategic framework

Editorial: MMSD strategic framework

It seems kind of remarkable to us but this is Jen Cheatham’s fifth year as superintendent of Madison’s Public Schools and thus this is the fifth year of her Strategic Framework for raising achievement of all students and closing achievement gaps.

Without making excuses the Framework was designed as a long-term blueprint for excellent schools and successful students with some results achievable now and some needing more time and both have proven true.

But all the lofty goals remain within reach and the promise is real and compelling. So the process underway right now, of reflecting on the first five years and planning for what comes next, is exciting and necessary.

We are strongly supportive of Cheatham’s work and of her commitment to engage all willing community members in participating in the work. The listening and learning phase is underway right now, with more reflection in February, planning in the early spring and an updated Framework presented in August.

Your participation is welcomed. Visit the district’s website to learn more.