Editorial: MMSD should extend contract for Badger Rock School

MADISON, Wis. – We enter the New Year with a long list of issues needing attention, and some of them are important issues that need to be resolved expeditiously. One of those is a contract extension for Badger Rock Middle School.

We are fans of this innovative Madison Metropolitan School District charter Middle school. We like its curricular focus, its connection to the Center for Resilient Cities and the Badger Rock Neighborhood Center, and the makeup of its enrollment. There’ve been some bumps along the way since the school opened in 2011. We want to see improvements in several areas. But it’s been doing better, and as a school that’s been trying some new and innovative approaches we think it deserves more time.

Maybe extend the contract for three years instead of five, although parents want to know their children’s school will be there. But we hope the Board will extend the contract in some fashion. We’re confident it’s worth it.