Editorial: Missing milestones due to the pandemic

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MADISON, Wis. — This past weekend was one of the many reminders that the losses we are all experiencing during this pandemic include so many of life’s milestones.

Some of course are more tragic than others. Not being present when a loved one dies or being prevented from grieving at a funeral is unimaginably heartbreaking. Others are simply inconvenient; postponed weddings for example. But graduations and capstone performances, births and special anniversaries are once in a lifetime events and they’ve been taken away.

Retirements are another example. Earlier this month Steve Fleischman retired after 30 years as director of what is now the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. That would normally be cause for a community-wide celebration. There are of course others and they’re all hard because we’re unable to express our appreciation. But we are appreciative, and we look forward to all the delayed celebrations ahead, likely even more joyous than ever.