Editorial: Messy start to tax overhaul

Heaven knows the U.S. tax code could use a little fixing up, OK maybe a lot of fixing up.

Over the decades our system of paying for the government services we want and need has evolved into a mostly politically-motivated mish-mash of rates, deductions, exclusions and ever-growing debt.

If only our current elected lawmakers were up to the task. If the plan rolled out by budget-writing majority Republicans last week is any indication, they are not.

It’s not that there are no good ideas in the overhaul package. But our system of governing has so broken down that budgets and tax code rewrites have become an over-complicated and self-defeating mess of appeasing special interests, buying support from potential opponents and following through on promises as flawed as those promises were when made.

The immediate response of complaints, threats and out-right rejection of the proposals suggests how big a problem we face in America these days crafting responsible policies for the common good. We deserve better.