Editorial: Meaningful Process Reform

Accountability and common sense.
Editorial: Meaningful Process Reform



The city of Madison’s planning and economic development team has finally put forward some major improvements to the development review process and if they end up getting implemented will prove worth the wait.

Of course the need for the improvement precedes current staff by some time and the seeds for real reform were sown by former Mayor Dave Cieslewicz. But the proposals for more upfront city staff review, greater emphasis on the importance of that early review, and better use of technology and flexible scheduling to cut the review time are important steps toward a more consistent, reliable and efficient development review process. They’ll save money for developers and cut down on the acrimony that often accompanies the current unwieldy system. Credit to Mayor Soglin, city planner Steve Cover and economic development director Aaron Olver for getting this proposal done. Let’s get it up and running asap.