Editorial: MAMA Cares helping musicians with COVID-19 relief fund

Editorial: coronavirus

MADISON, Wis. — We all care, or should care, about the musicians in our community who bring so much richness, meaning and pleasure to our lives.

And our musicians have been among those hit hardest by the social distancing limitations of COVID-19. They simply cannot do what they do. Their livelihoods and their wages have been taken away and they are hurting.

The Madison Area Music Association has always cared about our local musicians and MAMA Cares has been a vehicle for helping musicians without health care or other benefits. And now MAMA is stepping up again with the COVID-19 relief fund. MAMA is raising money to help self-employed and independent contractor musicians who are losing work and wages.

Applications will help identify those most in need. The online day of caring is July 16. You can learn more and musicians can apply for funds at www.Themamas.Org. We’re proud to be partners in that effort.