Editorial: Making sure community schools are validated successfully

Editorial: Validating community schools

MADISON, Wis. — We’ve been strong supporters of community schools long before they were first proposed by the Madison Metropolitan School District. Called “lighted schoolhouses” in one national iteration the idea is using a school as a place for resources, family support and services beyond classroom instruction.

It made sense to us as a way to engage the community in more fully supporting successful public schools.

With four Madison elementary schools designated as community schools since 2016 we still like the idea. But we too want to make sure they work as intended. So we support waiting a year or two before expanding the concept to additional schools. Further evaluation will occur as a new superintendent gets her or his feet wet and as this community wrestles with expectations and commitments to our schools. We were not familiar with the “validating stage” of the evaluation process, but we like how it sounds. Let’s make sure community schools are validated successfully  before moving forward.