Editorial: Losing Ground On Modern Transit

While our competitors gather momentum.
Editorial: Losing Ground On Modern Transit



As the months go by it gets ever more depressingly clear how far Wisconsin is falling behind in the world of intermodal transit, especially rail. Last week the federal government announced 47 projects in 34 states will share half a billion dollars for innovative transportation projects. Among them – high speed rail in the Raleigh-Durham corridor in North Carolina. Ouch. Meanwhile Wisconsin got repaid for money it spent on a Milwaukee to Madison rail project that thanks to Governor Walker is going nowhere. At the same time Minnesota is going ahead with planning on an improved Chicago to Minneapolis line.

Last month a Wall Street Journal report stated the number of people using public transportation continues to grow and that transit oriented developments “usually boost property values, increase tax income…and reduce sprawl.” It gave as an example Charlotte, another region with which Madison is competing. It’ll happen here. Eventually. Let’s hope it’s not too late.