Editorial: Looking at the newly renamed JustDane

4 decades in, MUM still leading in social justice
The staff of Madison Urban Ministry, which is now known as JustDane

MADISON, Wis. — JustDane says it all.

The work of the former Madison Urban Ministry has for the last almost 50 years been about a more just Dane County. Its commitment to caring for and supporting people experiencing homelessness, returning to the community from jail or prison, and those facing issues of poverty and racist oppression comes from addressing and acting on injustice. And of course one of its most successful job training programs is just bakery.

Madison Urban Ministry was a confusing name for some. But we do want to acknowledge that it came from a different place in the early 70s. MUM was born of the ideals of community organizing. And with that we want to remember Chuck Pfeifer who passed away a few weeks ago. Pfeifer was MUM’s director for 25 years and his contributions to and impact on Madison are as important as they are under-recognized. The newly renamed JustDane is a worthy legacy.