Editorial: Looking at the bipartisan tests of clean water, criminal justice reform

MADISON, Wis. — Our State Legislature once again has the opportunity to prove itself capable of putting partisanship aside in the interest of justice and public health. We sure hope it’s up to the challenge.

Having failed miserably with Republican leadership’s ugly destruction of bipartisan proposals to address homelessness, a package of proposals to address water quality issues from a bipartisan task force, and a package of bills to responsibly and fairly reduce the state’s prison population awaits legislative action.

Clean water and justice and smart corrections policies are some of the most issues facing our state, and they face Democrats and Republicans and everyone in between alike. It is extremely important that our state lawmakers show they can put their power and money self-interests aside at least long enough to advance public health and criminal justice. Please prove you can do it and begin to restore our faith in our government.