Editorial: Looking at Madison’s vehicle registration fee

The WISC Editorial Board has long supported taxpayer support for essential services. We believe on balance we get a lot for what we pay in property and sales taxes. But we never take tax increases lightly and we try to be sensitive to the impact even modest tax and fee hikes have on citizens with limited incomes. So the proposed 40 dollar city of Madison vehicle registration fee is a tough one for us. Forty bucks is a lot of money.

But part of the justification for the new fee is state imposed limits on tax increases. Some of the money will make up the difference between those limits and increased costs for city services. And while just a portion of the fee will go toward the proposed Bus Rapid Transit System, BRT is necessary and ultimately a money-saver itself. So we support the fee, but also urge you to attend next Tuesday’s special session of the city council if you do not.

Editorial: Looking at Madison’s vehicle registration fee

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