Editorial: Looking at governing’s ebb and flow


MADISON, Wis. — Governing sometime feels like a tug of war, or perhaps a teeter-totter: a step forward, a step back, up a bit, down a bit. That certainly describes for us the last 48 hours at the State Capitol.

We were very pleased to see further evidence of Governor Evers’ commitment to criminal justice reform with his issuance of seven more pardons. But then the legislature advanced unneeded bills that will have more people, including juveniles, going to prison once again putting resources at the wrong end of the prison pipeline. We applaud the passage of a bill ensuring public access to law enforcement body cam images and the approval of contracts for State Patrol officers.

We’re OK with Republicans using budget surpluses for tax relief, but not with their continued game-playing with Cabinet appointments or their mean-spirited attempt to limit access to primary health care for LGBT individuals. And finally, Democrats, do we need a bar time of 4 a-m for the Convention in July? Really?