Editorial: Local response to climate change

Editorial: Local response to climate change

It’s a little more than a year now since the 2016 election, memorable for so many reasons, but here’s another reason: the one year anniversary of passage of the Middleton Climate Referendum.

Middleton voters approved having the city “reduce the risks of global warming through its policy decisions and actions.”

By itself, perhaps a small impact. But think about it: the city of Madison has committed to renewable energy for all municipal operations, Dane County’s done pretty much the same and formed a Climate Task Force to look at further steps, and the state of California is ready to act on its own on the global, environmental stage.

In the glaring and embarrassing absence of leadership by the United States it is the local responses, some states, more counties and cities – like Middleton – that are acting responsibly. They deserve our encouragement and celebration because collectively they will make a difference.