Editorial: Letter to the editor

Editorial: Letter to the editor

Viewer Steven Salmon writes he is an author with severe cerebral palsy. He sent the following regarding a proposal to raise the fare for a paratransit bus ride to $4.

“Imagine having to sit out in a wheelchair in the cold, snow, wind, and rain, waiting for 20 minutes to take a paratransit bus to work each day. Then picture paying $4 for a bus ride and having only $300 of spending money a month. The city council tries to hide this major change, affecting hundreds of disabled Dane County citizens.

“Ninety percent of people with disabilities in Dane County are employed compared to eight percent of the state (making less than minimum wage).

“How can the disabled afford to live on a fixed income and pay for bus rides? A majority are cognitively handicapped unable to handle money or wait outside. Having a job gives the disabled person self-confidence. (We) can’t go to work without the bus.”

Thanks for writing Steven.