Editorial: Legislative action often seems impossible amid political divisiveness


MADISON, Wis. — We found it interesting that the Wisconsin State Legislature was actually able to accomplish some things on Thursday when getting things done so often seems impossible amid the political divisiveness.

The juvenile corrections package approved by the Joint Finance Committee is certainly not perfect. But Republicans approved spending even more money for four county-run centers, and while we’re not crazy about delaying the closing of the troubled state juvenile facilities Republicans are right about needing to get community buy-in. Corrections needs to make sure Lincoln Hills has no more problems in the interim, and there needs to be consideration of expanding Mendota’s Juvenile Treatment Center. But at least both parties are acting on juvenile justice.

Meanwhile the Wisconsin Elections Commission wisely delayed a new voting law on a unanimous, bi-partisan vote, and a Republican-controlled legislative committee unanimously approved a new contract for Wisconsin state troopers. Just when legislative action seemed like an oxymoron. Makes one wonder why it can’t happen more often.