Editorial: Learning during, from a crisis

Editorial: Thanking The Governor, Legislature For Providing Bipartisanship

MADISON, Wis. — One of the many challenges of life during a pandemic has been continuing to educate our children.

With schools closed and access to educational resources limited, keeping our kids learning on some kind of traditional path hasn’t been easy for many of us. But like so many responses to this crisis there have been wonderful examples of resourcefulness and success.

The Madison Reading Project has been working with area food pantries, neighborhood schools and social services agencies to safely get thousands of books into the hands of kids. Boys and Girls Clubs, and community centers like Lussier and Goodman have continued to provide high quality educational programs for the kids they serve. And then there’s one of our favorites, the Simpson Street Free Press, which hasn’t missed a beat in its proven successful after-school combination of academic rigor and high quality journalism. All proof we can learn during, and from a crisis.