Editorial: Labor Peace In Public Interest

Taxpayers served by contract extensions.
Editorial: Labor Peace In Public Interest




We want to acknowledge collective bargaining agreements reached in the last few weeks by the city of Madison, Dane County, the Madison Metropolitan School District and their respective employee unions. In the wake of Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas’s invalidation of Act 10 which ended collective bargaining rights for state employees, all three government entities firmed up contracts for the next year.

We understand criticism from those who believe the school board, Mayor and County Executive gave away more than they had to. In fact in all three cases workers got less then they would have liked. Both assertions are beside the point. What the school district, city and country are really saying is it is easier, more efficient and more effective to provide public services with represented employees who are partners rather than adversaries. That’s the beauty of collective bargaining. It shouldn’t be without limits. But in all three instances we believe the negotiations were in the best interests of all citizens including taxpayers.