Editorial: Keeping Accountability Board Accountable

Walker keeps Nichol on board.
Editorial: Keeping Accountability Board Accountable



Retired Dane County Circuit Court Judge Gerald Nichol has been reappointed to serve another term on the State of Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and there are two reasons why it’s a big deal.

First, it would have been understandable, if unfortunate, for Governor Walker to deny Judge Nichol another term on the GAB. He was originally appointed by Governor Doyle in 2007 and that’s how politics usually works. We give Governor Walker a lot of credit for this bipartisan gesture. Second, the GAB, with Nichol as a member, has been doing a terrific job over the last year and a half or so, a collective cool and level head in a very heated and tense political environment. The Board has functioned as envisioned and all GAB members have acquitted themselves well. And we appreciate both Nichol’s contribution to that, and Governor Walker’s recognition.