Editorial: Keep commitment to add officers

Editorial: Keep commitment to add officers

Unfortunately, Madison was unable to land a federal grant to add officers to the Madison Police Department.

The city was smart to not count on money from the Justice Department’s Community Oriented Policing Services’ competitive grant program, and perhaps Madison Police Department Chief Koval is right that the federal government saw Madison’s community policing as ahead of the game and less in need of help than some other cities. Still, it’s a disappointment, because we need the additional cops.

So, it’s now up to the City Council and mayor to use the money they tucked into the budget to hire officers in case the federal money didn’t materialize. The need is still there and Koval is right to suggest the urgency to add officers is the same as that recognized by alders when they agreed to go after the federal dollars.

This shouldn’t be a big deal. The grant didn’t happen and the necessary city money is set aside. Hire the cops.