Editorial: Job Center Stays Open

One stop shop will continue.
Editorial: Job Center Stays Open



Perhaps the most useful part of Dane County’s new partnership with Forward Service Corporation to provide job services to W-2 participants is the lesson in working with whatever obstacles state government puts up. The Walker administration decided to end Dane County’s very successful administration of its W-2 program, a move that threatened to close the county’s successful one-stop-shop Jobs Center.

County Exec Joe Parisi looked for a compromise, the state said no, and Parisi partnered with Forward Service Corp which was awarded the state contract to administer W-2 in Dane County and 10 surrounding counties. But the agreement also keeps the Job Center open as that one-stop-shop so helpful to those looking for work. It shouldn’t have been necessary, but in the end services will be continued and that’s a bottom line we can live with.