Editorial: Janesville’s model for reopening could work

Editorial: A Janesville reopening model share our concerns

MADISON, Wis. — Reopening the economy will certainly require collaboration between businesses and government and lately that relationship has marked by conflict.

But last week forward Janesville launched and idea that just might be a model for how reopening might work. It’s called the Badger Task Force and it’s devised to being diverse stakeholders to the table to develop a plan to safely and gradually reopen Wisconsin.

What we like about the plan is the partnership between local governments the private sector and Public Health Departments. It’s nonpartisan and with State Departments and the big state business lobbies slowed by politics the Janesville plan offers flexibility and collaboration.

Forward Janesville says the Badger Task Force is not a replacement for the state’s Badger Bound Back Plan. It can work alongside it. That’s smart. We think Janesville’s on to something here and we appreciate the effort.