Editorial: It’s time to refocus

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MADISON, Wis. — It is not too early to reflect on how we got to this place where health professionals say we have failed to prevent a pandemic that is now having such a profound impact on our lives.

While it will certainly help with the next global crisis, the hope is we can employ lessons learned getting out of this one.

And the main lesson is this: We’ve lost our collective focus.

We allowed ourselves to get distracted and complacent. Globalism has resulted in a world of grievances and divisions and all the attention we wasted on that distracted us from the far more important work of building our health systems, our communication, and collectively preparing for new challenges presented by a world that has grown so much smaller. We elected leaders who played to our desire for distraction and allowed important systems and agencies and safeguards to wither. We need to regain our collective will, our intelligence and our optimism. It’s time to refocus.