Editorial: Is there a right drinking age?

Editorial: Is there a right drinking age?

It’s hard to make the case for lowering Wisconsin’s drinking age the same week as University of Wisconsin researchers release a study with new evidence of the causal effect of alcohol on a range of cancers.

At certain levels drinking alcohol is simply bad for our health.

But one of the most difficult aspects of any discussion of an appropriate legal age for alcohol consumption is the drinking culture in Wisconsin if not America.

If Americans drank like many Europeans for example — in moderation, and with severe penalties for drinking and driving — it’d be easier to make the case for 19.

And we have long found persuasive arguments by many law enforcement officials — smart, experienced cops — that a lower drinking age would mean fewer house parties and likely less pressure to drink a lot and fast when a fake ID gets by.

A drinking age of 19 makes sense on a lot of levels. But from there can we move on to a discussion of sensible drinking?