Editorial: How the Jenifer Street Market represents a big win for a little guy

Two weeks before the start of 2020 and we get the gift of one of the best stories of the year.

With the generous support and commitment of passionate neighbors and friends the Jenifer Street Market on Madison’s East Side submitted the winning bid at a court-ordered auction of the land on which the beloved market stands. And thus one of the Schenk-Atwood neighborhoods most important community assets will live on. It was far from a sure bet.

More often than not big time land deals are settled in ways that make it hard for smaller businesses to make an impact. The deals get done, the little guys lose and usually we’re all a little poorer for the loss. And life goes on. But the Market’s owners and the community stepped up, dug deep, determined not to go down without a fight and this time, the little guy won. And you know what? So did Madison.

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