Editorial: How the importance of alignment validates our shared concerns

1-24-20 Editorial Agenda 2020 Shared Concerns 16×9 For Web Topics (2)

MADISON, Wis. — In the last three weeks the WISC editorial board has met with Urban League of Greater Madison CEO Dr. Ruben Anthony, Centro Hispano executive director Karen Menendez Coller, and United Way of Dane County CEO Renee Moe and within their individual strategic missions they all validated our editorial agenda of Shared Concerns.

All three leaders addressed elements of the safety, school, equal opportunity and environment issues on our agenda. Indeed individuals and families in communities of color and throughout Dane County share these concerns.

But Moe in particular stressed the importance of alignment and it struck a chord with us. There are a lot of agencies and nonprofits doing really good work but better alignment of that work would better get at root causes of our problems in addition to addressing immediate needs. We plan to support that work.

And one last hopeful note, as a CDC-designated portal for flu response United Way is ahead of the game on plans for the spread of the coronavirus. Talk about a shared concern.