Editorial: Holiday gifts, tips were perfect antidote to this week’s bad news, negativity

MADISON, Wis. – It was nice to have a holiday break in the middle of the week, for among other reasons the opportunity to reflect on the holiday in the context of a weekend just two days away.

It seems there was a fair amount of mayhem this Christmas Eve and day, shootings, package thefts and way too many drunk drivers. But this holiday season was also the first we remember where generous tipping became a thing, and we kind of like it. There were at least four instances we’re aware of where groups of people pooled their cash and surprised some hard-working food servers with the tip of a lifetime. In every case the spontaneous act of kindness made a huge difference for someone who really needed it. But for us it was also the perfect antidote to the bad news and negativity with which we are bombarded daily. Along with the more traditional forms of giving big tips are another nice reminder of what the season truly signifies.

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