Editorial: Hiring Madison’s next Police Chief, public input is vital

Editorial: Hiring Madison's next Police Chief, public input is important

MADISON, Wis. — We’re reluctant to add another item to your civic to-do list, but we’re pretty sure you’d agree that hiring the right person to be Madison’s next police chief is a pretty big priority for this city.

The opportunity for you to have a voice in that choice is coming up and e wanted to give you plenty of time to prepare and participate.

The board of police and fire commissioners of the city of Madison is taking public comments including a special open call to community organizations,to register and offer input at two zoom meetings July 13 and July 22.

Registered organizations will have up to 20 minutes to share thoughts and individuals as usual will have three minutes. There will also be a community impact survey.

But you need to register so we urge you to go to the PFC website and do that. We’ll get back to you with our thoughts on the new chief later.