Editorial: Helping Goodman help families this Thanksgiving

Editorial: Helping Goodman help families this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is two weeks away, which means we have less than two weeks to make sure the Goodman Community Center has the donations necessary to help the estimated 21,000 Dane County residents who depend on it for a Thanksgiving food basket from Goodman. Twenty-one thousand residents: that’s a record, an awful, heart-wrenching record.

As you know, there are a lot of places offering free Thanksgiving dinners, and food pantries are in high demand for the holiday. But Goodman Community Center has becoming increasingly the place where families go for Thanksgiving help. That 21,000 figure includes 10,000 children, and Goodman depends on the community to help it help these families.

Food donations are welcome, but cash is even better so Goodman can buy in bulk at discounted rates from generous local grocers. But everything helps. You can find more information at goodmancenter.org. Distributions begin next Saturday, so the sooner the better, please. We have to fill a lot of baskets.