Editorial: Help getting health care

Editorial: Help getting health care

Wednesday marks the start of the open enrollment period for health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Marketplace, and there are a couple of important things for you to know.

First, despite deliberate political effort to kill the ACA and to create as much confusion and anxiety as possible, the Marketplace continues to function, insurance is available and much of it is affordable. Premiums are going up in 2018 but so are available tax credits. Second, the enrollment window has been shortened by half, to six weeks ending Dec. 15, so you need to get moving to enroll.

Third, there is help available. United Way of Dane County will help eligible families get insured through its HealthConnect program that subsidizes the cost for an individual or family’s out-of-pocket cost of the Silver level health plan. Nearly 2,000 Dane County residents have benefited from this program. So call 211 if you think you qualify. Or go to healthcare.gov to get more information. But do it now.