Editorial: Gun Play Downtown is Discouraging

Downtown shooting is enough to make a person sick
Editorial: Gun Play Downtown is Discouraging

An absolutely gorgeous Spring weekend, University of Wisconsin-Madison graduates and their friends and families celebrating downtown, the tills ringing at local businesses, street life, good times with — what Madison police now say — multiple guns present.

That was the scene early Saturday morning on University Avenue near the UW campus when an unknown number of people started shooting at each other as hundreds of others ducked for cover.

There is a lot we have to learn about these events. Who was doing the shooting, for one, and then why? We’ll have to sit through the gun enthusiasts’ various justifications for getting even more guns into people’s hands and unavoidably on to the streets.

But here’s one thing we know. For any parent, any student, any responsible business owner, any caring citizen of Madison, the image of people shooting guns at other people in the campus entertainment district on a graduation weekend is enough to make you sick.