Editorial: Growing threat of diplomatic void

Editorial: Growing threat of diplomatic void

For some reason the concerns over a badly depleted United States diplomatic corps have died down since a flurry of news stories earlier this year reported hundreds of State Department jobs not being filled and hundreds more opening due to resignations.

This week’s report of the most recent North Korea missile launch suggests those concerns need to be revisited.

We don’t know how seriously to take North Korean saber-rattling other than a very unsettling sense of unpredictability. What we do know is the willingness of Congress to obsess over the politics of tax reform policy at the expense of virtually all other responsibilities and duties is shortsighted if not downright dangerous.

U.S. intelligence, resources, resolve and diplomacy have been among this nation’s most important contributions to national security and global stability. You would think at least some members of Congress — if not hundreds of members of Congress – would be aggressively advocating on their behalf. You would of course be wrong.