Editorial: Great Cities Have Great Neighborhoods

Mayor's conference an opportunity to focus on making some better.
Editorial: Great Cities Have Great Neighborhoods



The theme of this weekend’s 2012 Mayor’s Neighborhood Conference is Great Neighborhoods – Great Places. The idea is that place matters. That the relationship between the natural and physical environment and the interaction between people in those spaces makes one either want to be there…or not want to be there. Fair enough.

But let’s be clearer yet. Madison is at a point in its history where it is again defining itself as a city. The goal is to be a great city. And great cities have great neighborhoods. And they know how to respond to less than great neighborhoods and make them great. And that’s where Madison is struggling a bit right now. 

One of Mayor Paul Soglin’s great strengths is his passion for and knowledge of healthy neighborhoods. We love that he sponsors this conference. And we’d welcome some ideas for how we can make some neighborhoods like Meadowood great again, while keeping and enhancing the great neighborhoods we have. You can join the conversation Saturday at Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center.