Editorial: Graduation 2020 – Born to make history

Graduation Cap And Diploma 1280

MADISON, Wis. — Dear graduates, congratulations.

The WISC Editorial Board is proud to join News 3 Now, Channel 3000 and Madison Magazine in partnering with the Madison school district to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments. You are members of a group of young people from our area, our state, our nation and our world forever linked as the Class of 2020.

You are an inspiration in ways none of us ever imagined. The world into which you are graduating, the world you are going to shape, is in need of your ideas, your energy, your determination and most of all your heart. You are uniquely suited to this task having already demonstrated the resilience and the strength to achieve so much in unprecedented times.

Enjoy your success. be proud. You are the class of 2020. You were born to make history. And you have.