Editorial: Governor & Legislature – Start Now

How to move forward.
Editorial: Governor & Legislature – Start Now



Governor Walker and some state legislators have begun talking about working together. Talk won’t cut it. Action will. After you have your brat and your beer with each other here’s what you can do.

State legislators, call yourselves into extraordinary session. Make your number one priority establishing a state venture capital fund that will make Wisconsin competitive in growing business already here as well as attracting entrepreneurs. If you can handle a second issue compromise on a mining bill. You’re probably closer than you think. And if you’re feeling ambitious tackle recall reform.

Governor, once you have their ears tell lawmakers and you own Department of Administration to give the University system the flexibility and autonomy it needs to deal with endless budget cuts and still compete on a global scale. We know you believe in this. Make it happen.

Within hours of Tuesday’s election results we heard nothing will happen, the legislature’s not in session until January. That need not be the case. In fact it’s unacceptable.