Editorial: Giving what we can during the pandemic

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MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday we urged support for local businesses struggling to stay afloat during this crisis.

We’ve since head of people buying gift cards for future use as one way to help now and we love the idea.

But in addition, every non-profit in our area is struggling as well and so many deliver vital services to some of our most vulnerable fellow citizens. We need to help as much as we possibly can. The need is so great we can’t possibly list all the organizations here, even those working collaboratively. As usual places like United Way, the Urban League, Boys and Girls Club are leading the way and leveraging donations.

But community centers, food providers, shelters, virtually every service provider you can think of is in need of donations, dollars and supplies.

As always generous community members are already stepping up. But as the days go by the sense of “what can I do” will grow. Drop off supplies, send a check, or best of all go to the nonprofits’ websites and donate on line. We need each other. Let’s give what we can.