Editorial: Giving thanks for giving

Editorial: Giving thanks for giving

We have a special story to share with you for this Thanksgiving editorial, which in our opinion captures the spirit of the day.

Jonathan Gaertner just turned five, and for his fifth birthday he asked his family and friends for boxes of Cheerios.

Jonathan figured out that there were kids who didn’t have enough to eat, including cereal, and who visited the Middleton Outreach Ministry’s food pantry. And he wanted to make sure that when they went to the pantry to get food, there would be cereal there. So he asked for boxes of Cheerios that he would donate to the food pantry.

Jonathan got a pile of boxes of Cheerios which went to the MOM food pantry. So now, he’s become a spokesperson for MOM’s Giving Tuesday campaign. The WISC editorial board just wants to say that on this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for you, Jonathon, and the example you are making for all of us.