Editorial: Giving Secretary Crim the respect of a confirmation vote

Dawn Crim
Courtesy Department of Safety and Professional Services

MADISON, Wis. — It is an embarrassing indictment of the petty politics of the Wisconsin legislature that Dawn Crim’s title remains Secretary-designee of the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Republican legislative leaders Vos and Fitzgerald no doubt continue to revel in the the disrespect for both Crim and Gov. Evers but their mean-spirited and vengeful conniptions got old long ago and now they’re just juvenile and irresponsible.

To her credit Crim, like the other secretary-designees Vos and Fitzgerald have kept dangling has conducted herself with dignity and the utmost professionalism, showing more patience than the situation deserves. But in their effort to obstruct the governor and exert their political gamesmanship Vos and Fitzgerald are slighting a good and talented person and the citizens of Wisconsin. Someone in the Republican caucus must have enough integrity to see the pettiness in all this and give Secretary Crim the respect of a confirmation vote.