Editorial: Gio’s Garden blooms

Editorial: Gio’s Garden blooms

This week a dream is fulfilled. After three years of uncertainty, risk, some frustration and a never-flagging commitment, a new care center for families with special needs children opens.

It’s Gio’s Garden in Middleton, and it’s the work of Charlotte Deleste and her husband Ron. Charlotte and Ron have two sons, Benicio and Gio, and it’s the stress of Gio’s seizure disorder and Charlotte’s awareness of the lack of respite care for her family and families like hers that sent her on this journey.

First of all let’s be clear: Charlotte’s family and we are incredibly proud of her, but she has also marshaled the support of an amazing number of people. Her colleagues here have been fully behind her, but other local media have also supported the effort which is classy.

Most important, families dealing with the challenges of raising their special needs kids have a new resource to support them. On behalf of all of them, we congratulate Charlotte and her family, and thank them deeply.