Editorial: Getting covered through the Affordable Care Act

It’s funny how the bitter conflict surrounding the Affordable Care Act has faded over time and a level of success in providing health care for people that previously could not afford it that even opponents have been forced to acknowledge. Obamacare, as it was derisively known, has worked from the beginning and it continues to work. And the annual window to enroll in the program is open right now.

Through December 15th Wisconsinites can enroll in participating plans by filling out an application at healthcare.gov. Next year 61 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties will have three or more insurance carriers for consumers to choose from and free assistance is available for those who need help selecting a plan.

Getting covered means peace of mind, access to preventative care and protection in case of sickness or injury. It’s smart, it’s affordable and it works. Go online and get covered today.

Editorial: Getting covered through the Affordable Care Act

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