Editorial: Get out the vote

Editorial: Get out the vote

Add another acronym to our lives, GOTV, get out the vote. Supporters of both Gov. Scott Walker and Mayor Tom Barrett have done nothing else the last few days. 

Clearly both sides see a big turnout to their advantage.

We, of course, have been trying to get out the vote for 20 years now, not as an advantage, but as a civic responsibility.

It is that above all, but there are also additional benefits to a big turnout in this particular election, a recall election that has divided our state in ways we’ve not seen before.

We need to put this matter to rest. We need to move past politics and elections and get down to governing and working on the many issues facing this state and its citizens.

The largest turnout possible will help with this resolution, to let us all say, “OK, we did everything we could. It’s time to work together.”