Editorial: Flexible Degrees, More Grads

UW says work experience will help.
Editorial: Flexible Degrees, More Grads



One of the most troubling statistics in the comparative measurements of Wisconsin’s economy with other states with whom we compete is the number of college graduates who live and work here. Along with annual household incomes, the percentage of people holding college degrees in the state simply has to increase if we are to grow as we hope to.

It’s not that the UW hasn’t been aware of this problem, or hasn’t been working to address it. But sometimes you just have to keep pushing harder. This week UW leaders and Governor Walker announced Wisconsin will offer flexible degrees, a first-in-the-nation effort to help adults get their diplomas. It’ll combine existing online courses and class work with relevant work experiences. It’s smart. It’s necessary. And we love the way one interested party put it: “If Wisconsin is leading the way, that bodes well culturally and economically for the citizens of the state.” Our thinking exactly.