Editorial: Fewer roads = less congestion

Editorial: Fewer roads = less congestion

Counterintuitive as it will seem to many, a new study provides evidence that one of the answers to traffic congestion from new development is to resist building new roads to handle that increased traffic.

The report by the State Smart Transportation Initiative, housed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison concludes that rather than reducing congestion, more roads lead to more driving. More roads lead to more roads.

This is actually something New Urbanists have been suggesting for some time as they advocate for pedestrian-friendly new development with multimodel transit options. The new report calls for funding public transportation, limiting parking and preserving walkability, all part of an approach called modern mitigation.

As we know, Madison has some built-in limits on how many new roads it can build. Living on an isthmus will do that. But we hope this report guides all cities in promoting smart development and minimizing the need for driving.

Editorial: Fewer roads = less congestion

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