Editorial: Federal officials must prove they can put politics aside to help with the coronavirus

Editorial: A Janesville reopening model share our concerns

MADISON, Wis. — We’re working from home. We’re social distancing. We’re looking out for one another. We’re taking this seriously.

As individuals and as a community we’re doing exactly what we must do to flatten the curve of the spread of the coronavirus. But we need more than that.

It’s hard to know where politics fits into all of this. This is so much bigger than politics. We’re even struggling with the risks – to our health and to our democracy -of holding elections. But we desperately need leadership from those we have already elected. We need a coordinated and smart balance of investment in medical strategies, family support and economic stimulus. And we need it now.

Most of all we need our federal officials to prove they can put politics aside and that we can trust them to help us through this. Our local leaders are doing great. But Washington needs to step up its game.